Rent Dumpsters for Concrete Removal

We Rent Out Dumpsters for Concrete in the Fox Valley Area

Rental Dumpster for ConcreteWhether you’re breaking up an old driveway or renovating your porch, you’ll need a way to dispose of all the old concrete and rebar. Green Bay Dumpster Rental will help you with low-cost concrete rental dumpsters you can load yourself, and we’ll haul them away for you!

We offer concrete dumpsters in several dimensions to accommodate the size of the concrete removal job you’re doing. 10-yard, 12-yard and 20-yard roll-off dumpsters. Our options give homeowners and contractors the flexibility to choose the size they want, without overpaying for more dumpsters than they need. And because concrete, asphalt, dirt and rebar are recyclable, they’re never brought to the landfill and aren’t subject to tonnage fees as long as requirements are met.

Green Bay Dumpster Rental allows for longer rental periods on dumpster rentals for concrete and asphalt disposal than the competition. You can keep your dumpster up to 15 days, or call us right away and we can haul your concrete away the next day. Delivery and pick up is simple and there are no hidden fees with Green Bay Dumpster Rental!

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Rules for Filling your Concrete Dumpster

  • Only 10 yard, 12 yard and 20 yard options are available for concrete and similar material
  • 12-yard dumpsters may not be heaped over the fill line
  • 20-yard dumpster may be only filled halfway
  • Tonnage cap rates can apply if general trash or garbage is mixed in
  • Dumpsters stored on the street may require municipal street permits
  • You can protect your driveway or street by laying a pair of 2x6" wood planks down


Place an order for a concrete dumpster online and save $20 on your rental.

Concrete Dumpster Load Limitations

Concrete is a heavy building material, and dumpsters full of it quickly meet tonnage limits. It is typical for 12-yard dumpsters filled with concrete to weigh between 10 - 15 tons. Because of the weight of concrete, asphalt and dirt materials, the largest dumpster size available for concrete is the 20-yard roll-off, and it can only be filled halfway.

Concrete Dumpster Rental Pro Tip:
Save Money—Separate Concrete, Asphalt, and Dirt from other materials

The concrete and asphalt you’ve torn out of your old driveway or sidewalk can be recycled for use in road base. Recycled dirt, sand and rock can be used in landfills as Alternative Daily Cover. Because these materials are recyclable and don’t go directly to landfills, tonnage caps do not apply to the rate of disposal fees, and the rental costs of dumpsters containing these materials are lower.

Concrete haul away and RecyclingConcrete Removal

Concrete can be recycled with rebar. Concrete recycling rates are lower than a regular dumpster for trash because the material is ground up and reused. Concrete can be mixed with asphalt and some dirt. Disposing of “Clean Concrete” which means, no painted concrete, no backwash (Slurry),  no dirt, wood, or garbage of any kind is a great way to ensure you will not pay extra for weight. 

Asphalt haul away and Recycling

Asphalt is one of the most-recycled materials in the US. Asphalt can be hauled away at the same rate as a concrete load. It can be mixed with concrete and some dirt. Lower disposal rates will apply as these materials are commonly reused.

Dirt haul away and Recycling

Dirt in a dumpster can be utilized in many ways. It can be used as a fill-in the landfill or for various landscaping applications. Often dirt needs to be profiled before it is relocated or reused. Profiling of dirt is a quick analysis through a simple questionnaire to make sure the dirt is not contaminated. Can a dumpster be placed on a hill or an incline?

NOTE: To qualify for recycling, no other debris like wood, metal or plastic can be mixed with the load. If any other materials besides dirt, concrete and asphalt are mixed in the load, normal pricing and tonnage caps will apply.

The Roll-off Dumpster Advantage

The roll-off dumpster is the best choice for when you remove that concrete driveway or sidewalk. Roll-off dumpsters have a gate in the back that swings open that allows for easy loading – just wheel each load in and dump it out. The sides of roll-offs are often lower, especially on the 12-yard.

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