How Much Do Dumpsters Cost in Green Bay?

Compare Prices with Green Bay Dumpster Rental

Green Bay Dumpster Rental has the best price / value in the northeast Wisconsin area!  Check out all our prices and sizes here, and save $20 when you order online. Our price is based on a flat rate charge up to the set ton cap. You are charged per ton over the ton cap. We will not charge for those odd and annoying extra fees of administration, tipping, fuel or generator. Learn more about other prices companies charge for their dumpsters.

We also offer reduced prices for loads of concrete /asphalt and dirt. These materials are recycled and made for other applications. Please call for more information. Find out what size dumpster you will need for your roofing shingle project.

  Green Bay Dumpster Rental  Budget Type Companies Paid Advertisers Well-Known Companies
6 Yard/Ton Cap $220 / 2 ton cap X X x  
10 Yard/Ton Cap X X x X  
12 Yard/Ton Cap $380 / 3 ton cap X X X  
15 Yard/Ton Cap X X X x  
20 Yard/Ton Cap $410 / 3 ton cap $469 / 4 ton cap $475 / 2 ton cap $475 / 2 ton cap  
30 Yard/Ton Cap $430 / 4 ton cap $499 / 4 ton cap $495 / 2 ton cap $495 / 2 ton cap  
Per Ton Over Cap $65 $70 $95 $95   
Rental Period 30 Days 10 Days 7 days 7 Days  
Per Day Past Rental Period $10 per day $20 per day $15 per day $15 per day  
Trip/False Run Fee $95 $150 $150 $150   
Extra Charges X outside area X X  
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