Can I Put a Dumpster on a Hill or Incline?

Can I Put a Dumpster on a Hill or Incline? 

Yes, dumpsters can usually be placed on a hill or incline. The driver delivering your dumpster will always assess the situation in terms of safety – surfaces covered with ice or snow may be deemed unsafe by the driver.  Keep in mind some hills or inclines may be too steep for any dumpster to be placed on it. 

Roll-off dumpsters have wheels located in the back to assist the dumpster on and off of the flatbed truck, but when a roll-off dumpster is resting on the ground, the rollers only occupy a small percentage of the surface that is touching the ground. Therefore, roll-off dumpsters are perfectly safe to place on a slight incline.  

However, dumpsters cannot be placed sideways on an incline because they could potentially tip over.  It is best to place your dumpster's front ways on a flat surface like a road or the top part of a driveway. If you need to place your dumpster on a public street you will need to contact your local DPW for a dumpster street permit and any safety requirements. 

Roll-off dumpsters do not roll down driveways because there is a lot of friction on the bottom of the container that will prevent this from happening.  Please call us and we can look at your driveway in the Green Bay area to determine if it can be placed safely.

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Dumpster on a Hill Green Bay

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