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Affordable Dumpster Rentals in Ashwaubenon, WI

Are you moving out of your home? Need to toss out your extra trash? Get a dumpster rental from Green Bay Dumpster Rental!

Dumpsters are great for tossing out old furniture, old clothes, holiday decorations, toys, rugs, lawn furniture, wooden/metal swing sets, and much more. Typically, every year you live in a home you will accumulate about 1 yard of junk.  If you’re unsure about finding the best dumpster size, no worries – we have a skilled customer service team to help you with any questions. Rent for 1 day or keep your dumpster for up to 15 days.

Check out our dumpster prices today! We offer affordable dumpster rentals for residential and business needs, and they’re easy to order online and save $20. We also provide dumpsters for construction projects, roofing, concrete, dirt, and shingles. All of your waste management needs can be solved with the help of Green Bay Dumpster Rental.

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Order a Dumpster for Concrete Removal

We offer concrete dumpsters in several dimensions to accommodate the size of the concrete removal job you’re doing. 10-yard, 12-yard, and 20-yard roll-off dumpsters. Our options give homeowners and contractors the flexibility to choose the size they want, without overpaying for more dumpster than they need. And because concrete, asphalt, dirt, and rebar are recyclable, they’re never brought to the landfill and aren’t subject to tonnage fees as long as requirements are met.

Sometimes determining how much concrete should go into your dumpster to meet our guidelines can be a daunting task. Figure out how much concrete you can put in your dumpster today, so you don't run into problems later. 

Ashwaubenon Department of Public Works


Open year-round for Ashwaubenon Village Residents

Learn more about concrete dumpster rentals from Green Bay Dumpster Rental.

6 yard roll-off dumpsters are ideal for small-scale home cleaning projects. These will fit in narrow driveways and most alleys.

A 12 yard dumpster can hold an amount of debris equivalent to the size of a mid sized car.


20 yard roll-off dumpsters are the most common choice for medium to large scale home remodeling and construction projects.

30 yard roll-off dumpsters are ideal for large-scale remodeling, demolition and construction projects.

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